Broody tried to kill her baby, broke chick's beak

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9 Years
Apr 30, 2010
My broody dark brahma was sitting on two eggs, one egg that we knew was viable for sure, the other very iffy, saw no movement on day 10, but left it since their was some development. Day 21 arrives and I am concerned that just the one will hatch, perhaps none and I don't want her to continue to sit in this AZ heat. 100 degree days here as of late. So I planned to give her 2 new chicks that night after dark if nothing hatches, hope she accepts them, prepared if she doesn't. During the day, one of the amerucana eggs pipped but 12 hours later, still no progress from the little chick. I made the hole a tiny bit bigger since I could hear it chirpping it's head off and put the egg in front of her and she just tucked it back under her. I had little hope. So I gave her the 2 new day old chicks. She tucked those under and went to sleep.

I woke at 4:30am the next day and finally the little amerucana was out! Completely beat, still wet looking. I checked on them frequently, all was fine, until noonish. I hear chick screams and she is trying to kill the amerucana. It's face was all bloody. I brought it in, dh cleaned the chick up to access the damage. Looks like part of her upper beak is broken and now the entire beak is at an angle, her face looks bruised, she is in a brooder in the house by herself. She is still alive this morning, sleeps alot, but i can see she is pooping. I don't know if she is eating or drinking, but every so often I give her water with a syringe down her beak. I just don't know what else to do for her. She doesn't walk around at all, just sleeps. Last night she slept on me for a few hours and kept trying to crawl back into my hand when i put her down in the box. I feel absolutely terrible.

The second egg started to smell, so I tossed it out. Broody is fine with the other two chicks.
You cannot blame yourself. These things happen sometimes. You are doing all you can for the attacked chick. I might add a little sugar to the water to perk it up, but keep it separate and warm. Unfortunately, they are so fragile at this young age that it may not make it. Give it a few days. I would try to tempt it to eat some mashed up egg yolk in place of normal feed for a few days until you can fully evaluate the extent of the injuries. A mirror placed in the brooder with a soft, stuffed animal may trick the baby into thinking it has some company, and may give some comfort.

Good luck. I hope it makes it.

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