broody turkey... and cant find one! UPDATE! i found her! --PICS--


11 Years
Mar 12, 2008
Los Angeles CA
well, i have a broody bourbon red whos been setting since tuesday and

she is in a rubber feed bowl thing behind the small coop. i am not

concerned about her but if anyone has any advice that would be great!

but i do have a concern becuase as of this morning i cant find one of my

narrangassetts. i think she has gone broody somewhere but ive looked
all over and cant find her
... if she is broody, whan will she come to

eat and drink so i can follow her back to her nest?... just to make sure its

safe..... hopefully i will be able to find her!
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You need to be very concerned if you have as many coyotes and bobcats as we do around here. A free ranging broody around here becomes lunch. Hope you can find her and get her to a safe place.
i found her!!! she was where i looksed before.... but hidden really well.... shes in a fenced off area under a bush against the top of a wall... i will post pics later.... btw, i didnd realy find her she came out to eat and drink and i followed her home

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