Broody turkey

Yes, they will hatch chickens too. My parent's have had a broody turkey hatch out poults, chicks and ducklings (unintentionally lol). Good luck! :)
Thank you, I actually have two broody turkeys in the same nest. Once the chicks hatch, do I have to keep the Tom away from them?
It really depends on the tom. Around here, my toms tend to be just as protective as the moms do and are sweet with the babies. The hens may even be aggressive towards the tom to ensure the babies safety. It really depends on the birds temperaments. I would keep a watchful eye and separate if you need to. My parent's haven't had issues with the mixed hatchings other than some odd looking family groupings around the farm! lol
I will try and get one. I actually have three, all sitting in the same nest. Really something, the two toms are very protective. Just feeding them is challenging. Pat

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