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    Not too long ago I was over at the house of a friend of my mother's. The gal does all sorts of jewelry & yarn work so she was showing us a couple of styles she uses for her bracelets. After looking at a couple of her styles I thought that they could be used as browbands instead of bracelets. I told her this & asked if she would make me a couple, but instead she volunteered to teach me how she does them so I could make my own [​IMG]. My question is this: What are the sizes of browbands in inches for the length??? Ive tried Googling it but couldnt find a straight answer. Ive heard that a full/horse size is 11 inches but ive also heard smaller & larger numbers. Could someone please tell me the browband sizes in inches for the following? Thanks in advance!

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    my Fjords wear 14"
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    Kelly G It's like herding cats!

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