Brower Metal Incubator - Model 845 - TX (can ship)


11 Years
Apr 19, 2008
Bedias, TX
Times are tough, and everyone is cutting back. That includes me. Decided to let this incubator go, no matter how much I love it, and just stick to one small incubator, at least until the future.

This is a round metal incubator, a Brower 845. These are AWESOME. Getting very hard to find. I hate to do it, because these hold temperatures like a dream and are so reliable, but I had to choose.

I think it holds 50 eggs? I've never put that many in there, but recently did a batch of EE eggs and had 25 in there with TONS of room to spare. Held temps perfectly and didn't have a problem.

Still air, hand turning.

I have paypal. Would like to get $100 for it, and can ship it for $25 more.




i tempted and you arent far away from me at all. i dont have 100 though i could give ya mostly cash and do some trading if youre interested i have lots of different birds and who knows what else out here. if theres anything youre looking for i am always up for a deal
Hi there.

What do you have? I'm mostly interested in laying hens (preferably EE's but really not that picky truth be told) or something along those lines. I raise goats so if you have anything along those lines as well..

Just let me know, and maybe we can work out a partial trade, though I do need to get some actual cash too lol.
i understand i have silkies i have a few ee's but none are laying yet but should be of laying age in month or so. i have a pen of fancy chickens - bantam sultans. there is 7 of them. i hAVE BARRED ROCKS RI REDS.oops sorry about the caps. also have turkeys and quail and quail eggs
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Not too interested in fancy chickens or bantams.

I don't mind younger EE's, the ones I have now are just a few weeks old anyways. So that's an option. Would prefer to keep my group "pure" if you can call EE's that LOL.

How much can you offer in cash and trade value?

Just let me know.

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