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May 18, 2009
I have a Brower Top Hatch Incubator used twice (only one hatch worked due to our thermometor being broken). We purchased it in July of 2009 for $155.00 - comes with a Brower Model THI200 Hygrometer that we never used, paid $22.99.

Shipping cost depends on location. I can figure it with zip code. Thanks!
NancyinAlaska, shipping to 99688 is $51.25 for priority (3 days) and $19.39 for parcel post (12 days)

Pampered Chicken, shipping to 05060 is $13.25 for priority (2 days) and $10.11 for parcel post (3 days)

Here are pictures:





Let me know if there are any questions
Im looking for a bator for a total in MA so wouldnt have to ship most likely.

Is the thermometer that is broken the one with the bator or do you have to use your own? ( probably a dumb question- but I am totally new to incubators)

Hey snowhorse!
The incubator will come with a brand new thermometer - I bought back-ups after the one I used in the first hatch broke. It will also come with a brand new Brower Model THI200 Hygrometer - which is designed to go into one of the vent holes. I have the instructions for the hygrometer & the incubator. Let me know if you have any other questions!!

this is a great incubator.... I am using it right now..... what a fantastic price. Why are you parting with it? Ilove how it turns the eggs by sliding the floor so slowly. It is so gradual that I do not even take it off the notch for turning during lockdown. I have had great success with this incubator and it is worry free..... does everything for you... except raise them...
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We purchased three incubators last year...we have a tendency to go all out when we do things
So now we only need one and we had more success with the Little Giant w/ the fan & auto turner - so we are keeping that one.
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