Brower TopHatch and Turkey Eggs


Aug 6, 2009
Ontario, Canada
So me and my dad are attempting to hatch turkey eggs as a father/daughter project. This is our first time hatching turkey eggs, and my first time using an incubator.

We recently grew some white turkeys for meat, and prior to taking them to be killed they laid 5 eggs, we saw them mating but have no idea if the eggs are fertile, or if this breed of turkey is breedable but we decided we'd give it a shot.

A day after collecting the eggs we bought a used Browers TopHatch THI10 from Value-Village for $50, when we found it in the store the box it was in had been opened and peices were scattered around the store, we managed to find everything except for the Crank Roller for the automatic turner and 2 of the vent plugs (Which we do intend on buying replacments for), we set the bator up and got it so that it's running perfectly, we roll the eggs manualy and the bator stays at a good, steady humidity and temperature.

I said before that this is my first time hatching in an incubator, I have my own pair of OEG bantams and a silkie that have hatched a few chicks on thier own, so I know a bit about hatching, my dad on the other hand has raised chickens since he was little and seems to know what he is doing, however this is the first time hatching turkeys for the both of us.

The eggs have been incubating for 5 days, tonight we tried candling them but couldn't really see anything other then the yolk shadow, I've read that turkey eggs are best candled at day 10 so we are going to wait another 5 days before trying again. Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated.
wow how exciting ! I have never done turkey eggs. But I hope to find some soon I guess I am going to have them shipped ! we had one turkey he got attacked by the dog we had. So now I have no turkey or dog. I know they take linger to hatch. so my guess is it would take linger to candle for the first time. I bet if you search someone has put up instructions on doing everything with the turkey eggs. keep us posted how its going ! good luck. I know someone will come along with some good info !
Sounds like a fun project, but remember, incubating eggs can be addicting, lol. Anyway, I wouldn't even bother to candle them. If you don't need the room in the incubator, just leave them alone except for the turning and wait it out. Infertile eggs won't do any harm.
Thanks guys, I'll try to keep you updated.
I also have some banty eggs in the same incubator, they are Black Breasted Red OEG and might be part silkie, I don't know for sure because I have a silkie hen in with my OEG's so I don't know for sure who's eggs are who's. I'm starting to feel like putting the banty eggs in with the turks might have been a bad idea, but I guess I'll just have to watch and make sure everythings okay.
It's been 21 days since the banty eggs went in, and 22 since the Turkey eggs but no signs at all, I know the turkey eggs take longer so I'm gonna give them a few more days before calling quits.

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