Brown eyed chickens?


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Sep 26, 2012
It seems most chickens seem to have some sort of orange shade of eye color.with an occasional green or blue.

I have a chicken who has definite brown eyes. They are so dark, that here eyes look black in normal light.

I have to shine a light directly into her eyes to see her dark brown irises.

I realize that strictly going by the pictures online here, some might think brown eyes are common, but I checked out a few of the dark colored photos, and it seems they only looked dark on my monitor due to my settings, while the chickens in question had dark orange eyes. It seems a lot of the photos of chickens with light colored eyes can look dark on a another person's computer screen even if they looked proper on your camera view or your own computer screen

I've looked through what I could find here, and haven't seen anyone mention having a chicken with truly brown eyes.



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Jan 26, 2007
central Ohio
yes, we had a rooster with beautiful brown eyes. They do happen sometimes. He died earlier this year.

George Michael

Oct 28, 2015
Veneto, Italy
I got a brown eyed baby hen she is only about two months old with black-brown feathers. Her eyes are very big and bulge out of her face in a quite funny manner and hope the other hen won't peck them because they both get into fights quite often and so I will be forced to separate them.

She has bright red comb and wabbles her wings are slightly longer the the ones of the other hen and seems to be a better flyer and likes eating worms. I am not able to send a picture of her at the moment.

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