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Oct 14, 2018
I have one girl that lays an egg that has an unusual spot on the yoke. The egg looks normal but the yoik has a little dark brown speck between the yoke and the little white cord attached to the yoke. (not actually on the yoke) I would imagine it is a fertilized egg because I do have a rooster. But the eggs are gathered within hours of laying. I also note that the yolk is less yellow than other eggs and the whites are cloudy and different from others. Can someone help me identify what this could be? Also, address the health of the eggs when the white is cloudy?
Another question is, I have 5 hens and only get 4 eggs a day. I can identify by color that they are 4 different hens. Why would one not be laying? Hens are 8 months old.
I was thinking the egg could be fertilized but I gather the eggs daily and refrigerate them so know there isn't a chick inside. But could this be what the spot is on the egg? I will post a picture when I have one with the spot.
Egg embryos are on a cellular level when the egg is laid. If you gather your eggs daily refrigerate them the development of a embryo stops. If that makes you feel better.
Fresh eggs IMO do not need to be refrigerated. That is if you have a rooster. If you don’t have a rooster then no problem.
The meat spot has nothing to do with the fertility of a egg. It’s from a broken blood vessel while the egg was forming. It more like a tiny blood blister. It is not a embryo...not even close.

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