Brrrr! Too cold for chickens....oh, wait

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    Apr 2, 2010
    Sullivan, IL
    It's COLD here this morning! -10 with wind chill of -22! Because of the cold and the wind chill, I wasn't going to let the girls out this morning (I was going to let hubby do it when he came home for lunch). But alas, it was not to go as planned. I made the mistake of assuming that DH had closed up the coop last night. Except the run was open and the girls were still milling around in the yard because the sun hadn't quite set yet, so he didn't. Well, hoping fervently that the local opossums or 'coons hadn't found their way in to the coop, I went out to give them fresh water. I figured I wouldn't bother closing the coop, since it had already been cold from being open all night. I needn't have worried, all but one of my girls were out in the run when I got out there! The seventh was in the coop, I think she's trying to lay an egg. So much for it being "too cold" to let the girls out!
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    silly girls! but it makes me feel better, been worried about my guys at -4!
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    Two weeks ago we hit -18°F over night. Kept the coop closed till mid-day when it 0°F and the chickens came streaming out of the coop. About five minutes later they all when running back in and stayed in the rest of the day. We did leave the pop door open for them, but they would only peak out every hour or so.

    They handled the cold better than my truck did... [​IMG]

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