Bruiser just joined the flock


Aug 8, 2018
Central Texas
He's a big young New Hampshire rooster, about 30% bigger than our old rooster. They have seen each other thru the fence for 4 days now. The first day the old rooster was aggressive. But then he stopped on day 2. So after 3 days of calm, we just slipped Bruiser in the main coop tonight.

We don't anticipate any trouble. The older rooster already got along well with up to 3 younger ones (that we ate) and he is generally a calm rooster.

Bruiser, well I guess we'll just have to wait and see. But all of our New Hampshires seem to be relatively mellow so far.
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Any pics? :pop

He's quite handsome. I hope they don't fight and scuff each other up.

Today wasn't Bruiser's best day. The other birds and he didn't really mix. Somebody pecked away some of his tail feathers. He wandered around mostly alone in the cold rain and got all wet. He also spent a fair amount of time being examined closely by our heelers. They couldn't really process a big calm chicken who didn't run at all, or react much. Perhaps they thought he was a dog.

Because he got all wet, he's spending the night inside in a heated garage to dry out, temps down to 40F tonight expected. Tomorrow I hope will be a better day and he'll learn where to stay out of the rain. Freezing temps are coming. We won't leave him out in that if he's wet.

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