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Apr 15, 2017
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So one of the chicks I got a few weeks ago is a BSL chick, mostly black except for some tan on her chest and under her neck- her head was solid black, no white spot whatsoever. She's almost 5 weeks old now, and I've noticed her comb is getting red and some of the new chest feathers are barred. She's also feathering in slower than the others and the tail is more sparse. Could she be a he? How could a BSL be a male with a solid black head? Or can females have some barres feathers? Here's a pic from today:

That's what I thought too. I was told by the farm I got *him* from that BSL females have a solid black head as chicks and males have a white spot on their heads. This one didn't have any white spot at all, at just under a week of age. I also read that online, and that's how they can sex them so early and supposedly accurately. Guess nothing's 100%!
Where did you get this chick? I suspect from someone breeding 1st generation sex links thinking the trait continues.

First generation sex links are 100% true.
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From a local hachery, been hatching for many years. Had many good recommendations from multiple neighbors who had gotten chicks from them before. Not sure what happened, guess they didn't get this batch from the right parent combo.

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