Bu-Bur -MI

Autumn D

7 Years
Jul 9, 2012
Bu-Bur is this really cute, tiny, little black Japanese, rooster, banty. He is named for the cute little noise he makes that sounds like "Bu-Bur" He is a total righty, as his whole little body lean to that side, from his tail to his comb. he is quite a bit smaller then the average BJ rooster but makes up for it with his awsome ninja skills. he has "Mad Scientist" eyebrows, at least thats what it looks like, and is very tame, and a little bit shy. He is free to a good home, and if anyone wants he who is willing to drive down to Howell, MI to pick him up, he is all yours, just message me and if you are serious about taking him i will give you the location. if you want more Black Japanese roosters or just roosters in general you have all you want as we currently are at a rooster overload, and if somebody does not take them, they are going to end up on the dinner plate, so please if you can take them :)

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