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my flock is allways healthy but i went to a swap in milton ky. on labor day and alltho the chicken i picked up there is fine, mine are getting sick fast. off their feed, swollen eyes bubbles in some eyes others are stuck shut. found 2 pretty bad off 6 days ago and i moved them and started on antibiotic eye med and the yellow water antibiotic. its not made any differance and now i have 4 more showing symptoms, sneezing a little. can anyone advise?
The new chickens were probably carriers of CRD (mycoplasma.) Are they on Duramycin? Tylan 50 1 ml daily as a shot or by mouth, Tylan Soluble Powder for the water, or Gallimycin would be other antibiotics to use. Here is a list of diseases and treatments: http://edis.ifas.ufl.edu/ps044
thanks for the info, i will try to find it in the morning, tractor supply mabey? will they be carriers now? i love hatching chicks but not to add to a flock that will just make them sick. couldnt stand the thought of culling them. any thoughts?
It is best to always isolate a new chicken for 30 days to watch it for signs of disease since so many unethical people sell sick or carrier chickens at swaps. In diseases like mycoplasma and coryza, they become carriers. Some choose to treat the flock when they get sick, and make it all in--all out. Don't add new birds till all are gone. Clean then wait 2 months before getting new chickens.
thank u for info, i called a few vets today and i found one that will order the antibotic for me. will be in monday. allthough she doesnt deal with chickens she researched for me. i know they will be carriers but she said that the mommies would pass her antibodys to the eggs for hatch. does this seem right? i dont want to give up breeding. allso wonder if chickens and guineas i have on free range and their own coop will get sick too?
There is a lot of info available online if you Google "mycoplasma in chickens." Apparently the airborne droplets do not travel far, so it is possible to contain the disease with location. The birds with chronic CRD are infectious when they get sick or stressed. You can maintain a closed flock--none in and none out for years. CRD and MG are nearly everywhere even in wild birds.
thank u, that does help. so i think i can still raise, hatch my babies just keep them in a differant coop and keep my beautiful flock if i practice good hygine or biosecurity what ever u call it. change shoes and the like. but i wouldnt feel good about selling them sooo?

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