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Just thought I'd share my experience. I received four batches of eggs from four different breeders. Three bubble wrapped each egg, two placed the wrapped eggs in a carton, then packed the cartons in nice and tight, the eggs were very secure in the cartons.

The one that I got where shredded newspaper was spread around the eggs (no bubble wrap), when I pulled the carton out of the box I noticed that the eggs did a lot of rattling back and forth in the carton. None were broken but I wonder about the embryo's and how they faired with all that rattling around. And wouldn't know, it had to be the shipment of Blue Orps, the most fragile embryo out there.

Anyway, I would have to say that wrapping each egg in bubble wrap then securing in a carton, makes for less wear and tear on the little embryo's. Just MHO
The eggs i just got werent bubble wrapped at all. They used one of the small USPS boxes with custom cut foam. there was a layer of foam then the eggs in a shhet of foam that had holes cut in it and so on. again no breaks, but they were darn cold. the other box i got yesterday had the eggs in bubble wrap and then shreded news print. this one had one cracked egg.
Hi! Thanks for sharing

I'm a great fan of bubble-wrap for shipping eggs (wish everyone was) and buy it by the 100' roll

Wrapping eggs for shipping

I am not a fan of eggs shipped with a scrap of bubble-wrap in an egg carton. I have always gotten some broken/cracked eggs when packed that way.

The foam might be a good way to go if it was easily accessible.
I got a shipment of eggs one time in the 'foam with egg-sized holes' and only one was broken.
I think it might have needed more cushioning (top and bottom) that the foam didn't give.

I'll stick with bubble-wrap around the eggs --- lots of bubble-wrap
So far, so good.



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Packing is important, but starting with hard shells on the eggs sure helps! If the shells are brittle/thin, then they will crack, no matter how much bubblewrap/foam you put around them. Good product, wrapped well is what you need to foil the P.O. gorillas!
You know, you have a point there. My brother was sending me eggs from his overbred, *improperly nourished game hens to hatch and they would break when they touched each other in the nest --- no way they could have handled any sort of shipping.


*vitamin and mineral deficiency and they are better now
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