Bubble Wrap vs. Egg Cartons in Shipping


Dec 7, 2008
Commerce, GA
What do you better success with, shipping hatching eggs wrapped in paper towels in an egg carton surrounded by packing peanuts/shredded paper, or individually wrapped in bubble wrap then surrouned by bubble wrap and filler?
I wrap each egg in a paper towel or bubble wrap, put them in a carton, bubble wrap the carton, stuff around all sides and ends with newspapers, and ship. I can't fit my eggs with bubblewrap into a carton. They're too fat, and I use the Jumbo cartons
I do try to put a packing peanut between each egg though.
Bubble wrap AND put them in a carton AND tons of packing material around it so it will not move come hell or high water.

This! I wrap in paper towel, put in egg carton(paper ones) wrap in aluminum foil then bubble wrap and then pack in paper/peanuts/bubble wrap.
we do bubble wrap around each egg then put them in a carton and wrap it in bubble wrap...then newspapers bunched up or else packing peanuts....i have even put empty cartons in if the box is larger just to ensure that the full one does not move.
Thanks! It looks like egg cartons wins over individually bubble wrapping them. Last time I shipped some individually bubble wrapped and a couple got broken. I'm going the egg carton route next time.
Hi! I SKIP cartons altogether and wrap like this:

I have rarely rec'd chicken eggs in cartons *period* with any wrapping / bubblewrap that arrived all intact. The broken eggs were my bad luck, but it inspired me to rethink wrapping and packing eggs.
I'm happy to say I don't know of a single egg ever broken in shipping.
edited to add: Since I started shipping eggs in '06 (I'm new, but cautiously optimistic), there have been NO broken eggs in shipping that I'm aware of.

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Actually I saw your post a while back and saved it so I could follow how you do it. It looks like a great way to pack them, but on my first shipment two eggs were broken. I'm going to ship my next batch in an egg carton with the eggs wrapped in paper towels or small bubble wrap, then wrap the carton with large bubble wrap and put it in the box surrounded by shredded paper packed tightly. I'll let you guys know how it turns out. They are shipping from GA to CA, so it should be a good test.
I have been on the receiving end of the shipped eggs the first batch was put in cartons, stuffed with shredded paper, the egg carton was then taped shut and then put in the center of the box and newspaper packed all around it. The box was not damaged and 5 eggs were broken.
Batch #2 Each egg was wrapped with bubble wrap set into an egg carton, with it taped shut. The egg carton was put in the center of the box, then paper was softly packed all around it. Box was banged up a little in the corners and None were broke, or even had a hairline crack. Just my experience, plus the paper shredds were a pain to clean up and get off remaining eggs. I personnally want my shipped eggs shipped as in batch #2, if any of them would have been broken I would not have been near as upset as I was with batch #1 b/c at least they had attempted.

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