Bubbling eye, watery poo what to do?

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Hi can any helpful soul help me out, my black orpington hen has a bubbly right eye. It clear stuff and her eye does not look sore, I notice last week that she's sneezing and the other day she did a poo by me and I can only say it was watery, hardly anything too it really. She laid an egg yesturday and seems fine running around with her clan (7 in all including a cockrell). They all seem to have pooy bums!?!?! This has been an ongoing problem which I would love to know how to cure as would like to show my birds at some point as they are pretty fab.

They are free range so lots of goodness and are fed layers pellets, treats of corn and kitchen scraps all fresh!!

Many thanks for help in advance


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Here's a link with some good advice about bubbly eye. Hope it helps


Watery poop is OK if it happens only occasionally. Chicken poop varies quite a bit. Here's the infamous poop page:


Some chickens are prone to poopy butts. I think all you can do is clean them up and/or trim the feathers. Don't know if it can be cured. I have a golden wyandotte that is always poopy. Be sure to keep it clean, it can burn the skin. Hopefully when you get it cleaned up it won't reoccur.

If this doesn't help. answer these questions. It might help others answer the questions. Good luck



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