Bucket nipple waterer, second day.......they don't really get it


9 Years
Apr 12, 2010
NW Missouri
I made a nipple waterer, 5 gallon bucket and 3 push in nipples. The thing is working but the chickens don't seem to get it. I "showed" it to them in pushing my finger there so they can see the water dripping down. That was yesterday in the morning and of course they came running like wild because they where thirsty but then they tried it and soon gave up. It seems that they can only get a tiny little drop and then get frustrated and leave. When I let them outside to free range (which they do all day) they storm to the regular waterer as if they hadn't had anything to drink in days. Same thing today, almost all of them tried the nipple waterer but they it seems they give up when only a tiny little drop comes out. Do they ever get it???? How long does it take??????


10 Years
May 28, 2010
Carson, Iowa
I hung a jug with a nipple waterer in the coop the night before last. I took 5 or 6 chicks and physically put their beaks onto it to get water. I then removed the regular water dish. I figured this would force them to use the new waterer. Yesterday when I let them out into the run I could tell that the water level was down a bit in the plastic jug, so I knew it was being used. When I brought treats out later I sat in the coop door and watched them as each chick (I have 10 BR's) made their way into the coop and got water from the new nipple. At one point there were 4 chicks working on it, so I decided to make another jug and hang it along side. This morning there was a total of about 1 quart of water gone from the two half gallon jugs, and the board under them was virtually dry.
If you MAKE them learn to use it, they will. Remove the other options and they will use the nipples to get the water. If they know they can get water there, they will not let themselves die of thirst.

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