Buckeye pullet not gaining weight


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Jul 31, 2011
My pet Buckeye is 15-16 wks. old. She is taller and longer than she was at 9 wks. when I got her, but she hasn't really filled out. She seems to have a normal appetite. She has been slowly weaned from grower to layer and transitioned fine. She gets fresh fruit, veggies and mealworms daily. She has constant access to clean water and gets her cage cleaned twice a day. She gets turned out in a safe run 2-3 times a week for fresh air and foraging. I have checked her for bugs, can't seem to find any. Her poo output and consistency are normal and healthy. I have not weighed her, but I'm guessing she is MAYBE 3 lbs. I have been looking at pics of other pullets her age and they are so round and fluffy! Her feathers are shiny and smooth, but not fluffy or plentiful. I just dont get it! Her routine has been the same since the beginning and she is so friendly and seems happy! Why wont this bird fill out?! Any suggestions? I wanted to move her to my bigger run with the hens, but they pick on her because she is so small. I thought for sure she's have caught up with them by now, shes only a few weeks younger than they are . . . HELP!
When I have a pullet that isn't gaining weight well, it is usually related to her inability to get to the feeder often enough due to aggressive hens. I offer additional feeders to compensate. But it sounds like she isn't in with other chickens?

Also I have had a chicken runt before- a silkie who was smaller.

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