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  1. bigdawg

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    i am looking to get some eggs from a show quality flock. please send me pictures and price per dozen shipped to 37018 i will need them end of march or first of april. as my bators are now full. thanks
  2. Zach123

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    Mar 10, 2012
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    I dont personally know of any, but the guys over at the American Brahma Club would definately be able to help you. http://theamericanbrahmaclub.org/ They also have an online forum you can either browse of ask them directly.
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    Check with Carol at fowlvisions. She breeds large fowl buff brahma's.

    If you are looking for bantams, there is a man named Tim that frequents the brahma thread (Tim63). He breeds and shows bantam buff brahma's.
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  4. Abacus

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    I am just starting my LF Buff Brahmas (full sized) and have some really good looking birds. I havent tried the shows yet but have been planning on doing them. If interested, i can send pics of my flock and you can see if you like them.


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