Buff Brahma not laying


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Mar 27, 2020
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When I was still brooding in the house, I'd handle the chicks frequently, just so they'd know they 'wouldn't die' if I held them.

Had a couple of Lt Brahma that never acclimated, they would continue screaming no matter how long or frequently they were handled. Lo and Behold one of those birds, at about 3-4 months old, got close to me in the coop by jumping on the nest perch. I reached out to touch her and she stood there, I touched her all over and she never budged, I picked her up and she was chill, she didn't wag her tail or purr, but she clearly enjoyed the 'cuddle'. I put her down and she walked away calmly. I was a bit gobsmacked. She continued to come up to me and stand there until I picked her up for a cuddle. This went on for a few months, I can't remember the exact timing, then she stopped. She was still pretty chill, as was her sister who did the same but less so. As much as I loved the look and demeanor of those birds, they were gluttons and lousy layers, and didn't fit the program here, so they had to go. Luckily they got to go to a pet home with little kids.
That was sort of what happened with my brahma. She was raised with a large flock of chickens and I acquired her as an adult (and the other brahma). I got them purely as livestock and treated them as such for over a year, but when we moved to a large property and they started free ranging and chilling on our porch, of course we spent more one on one time with the chickens and she just sort of told me herself what she wanted, just like yours. It was her that showed me at least some chickens can be more than just a chicken, but out of 17 layers, only her and her one offspring, are friendly enough to enjoy being held.


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Jul 10, 2009
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They are...and mellow too.
I sold mine as pets.

Dumpling, the current Light Brahma, is rather standoffish, but I don't mind that.

At the moment I plan to keep a few Brahmas in the flock because I find them so very gorgeous, but not to breed them. I'm hoping they will prove to be broody.

Maybe in the future I'd move to Brahma bantams, but I'm in a position where I can have a few lawn ornaments among the practical hens.

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