Buff Breedless Birds?

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    I didn't know what else to title this, since I've seen the exact same looking chickens identified as different breeds I thought I would ask in this area. Surely someone will know.

    Cinnamon Queen
    Red Star
    Golden Buff
    Golden Comet
    Golden Sex Link

    Perhaps someone with more knowledge about this particular "type" of chicken will be able to help. I'm getting 2 easter eggers and 1 of "these birds with no actual breed name" because there weren't enough easter eggers to fill my order of 3.

    In any case - please, pray tell - why call 1 chicken four or five different names??
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    First thought is: Same idea, different crosses. They are all genetically similar because most of the time the crosses involve the same breeds to some extent (Rhode Island Red, New Hampshire Red, etc) which makes them look close enough that they would be considered the same but they are crossed with different breeds at times. Another thing would probably be that they are not necessarily a recognized breed, and I assume any hatchery could name their sexlinks whatever they wished.

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    Those are all red/gold sexlinks, and are created by similar, but not identical crosses. They are not a pure breed, and will not breed true. There are several threads explaining sex-links.
  4. CluckyCharms

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    Well that makes a lot more sense now! I thought they were purebred and simply called five different names which made absolutely zero sense to me at all.

    Thanks for the info both of you!! :)
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    Sex-link is like the generic name (ibuprofen) and the other names are like trade names (Advil, Motrin, etc). Each hatchery has a different formula they use to make a sex link bird but the results are strikingly similar---a gold to brown hen usually with white tail/tips who is quiet, docile and a great layer. They're all a red rooster over a silver hen, just different breeds used depending on the source.
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    isa browns are also in this cat. ;)

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