Buff gender?


May 28, 2016
Kingston Ontario
I picked up 7 buff chicks unsexed. My thoughts are that (from left to right) it is roo-hen-roo-hen-roo-hen. And another hen hiding behind. Any thoughts? Sorry for bad pick
You probably have a roo or two but hard to say. My roo started a comb at 2 weeks before others so can't say since age is not mentioned. Great picture though....
They are about 12 weeks I think. Old enough to crow, as I have heard one a few times
City bylaws say I am aloud 6 hens. Currently I have 7 buffs, and 5 silkies lol, so I really cannot have complaints about noise
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The one on the far left is a little roo for sure and probably your crower as he's got the most colour in his comb and wattles. On your suspects see if you can spot any saddle feathers coming through. They are the ones at the base of the tail. They will look skinny and pointy but they may be a bit young yet to show these. Sometimes Orpingtons can be difficult to sex - they like to keep you guessing!

Here is a pic of our two at 3 weeks. You can clearly tell the roo. We aren't allowed to keep them either so need to find him a home before the crowing starts.
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