Buff having extreme trouble walking, getting worse...


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Mar 6, 2011

we have a young buff orpington. she was hatched in march. last week we came home to find her struggling to walk- she seemed to limping to avoid using her right foot, which seemed to be somewhat turned in. the right foot was weak- she would not clasp with it. there was no sign of trauma. we did isolate her for 24 hours with ectrolytes in the water/food. her poop was very runny, mostly white with dark green.

we then put her back with the girls (4 others all same age, but diff breeds- none of them have any signs of illness). she now seems to be having difficulty walking with either leg- although she can still grasp with her left foot. she seems to be back on her haunches- she doesn't extend her legs. she doesn't roost- but does make it up the ladder to the coop. she laid a big egg a few days back. she eats and drinks. when she has to move she "pants" with her beak open and now and then does this move like a cat would do if it was throwing up a hairball.

any ideas are very much welcomed. taking her to a vet is way outside of our financial reality- i've asked every chicken person i can think to ask. maybe you have had a similar experience?

thanks for reading!


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Mar 6, 2011
when she walks she looks like a penguin, btw.

clear eyes, no discharge, alert- no problem with breathing, no marks/injuries on feet or legs.



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No one else has answered..I may as well give it a shot. She seemed to have been raised right, and it isnt a protien problem since the other girls are fine. I'm gonna guess maybe somthing genetic? Where did you get her from?
If its not that, maybe some form of parasite that attacks the nervous system, but doesnt spread?

I'm sorry, I wished I knew more. I hope someone with more of an idea answers for you. Good luck.


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Is it like open mouth breathimg and gasping? Sounds neuro, cant understand how she gets up a. ladder. If she does a gasp like thing. and her legs are useless, I. Would guess Marek 's. Any newer chickens?

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