Buff laced Ameraucana project... Is it worth it?


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Jul 27, 2010
Well I'm deciding if I should start this project and get my hands on good quality buff Ameraucana's and some good quality buff laced polish. If I attempt this would anyone be interested in this new color variety? Should I keep a crest on them or is it not in the breed? Would anyone be willing to take free hens or roos, or unsexed or sexed chicks??? Is this a breed that can be feather sexed???
Sounds very interesting!!

I would take the crest out, the Ameraucanas don't have that.
If you're doing it based on whether or not other people will want the birds, no. You will probably not find it to be worth it. I'm sure those here that have developed varieties and breeds will tell you if you're not doing it for your own enjoyment, it's not worth it.

It takes many, many years and lots, and lots of money. If you are not personally passionate about the project, you will probably not have the wherewithal to follow through and will feel as if you have wasted a lot of time and resources.

Buff Ameraucanas could always use more improvement, as could practically any existing breed or variety. Why don't you just work on them? Maybe eventually after you know the breed well you might stumble upon an extra Buff Laced Polish cockerel at a show and try him over a few hens, just to see what happens.
I personally dont see this project working, especially with the two breeds/colors you are wanting to use. Polish have a lot of characteristics that Ameraucanas dont and arent supposed to have. And of the colors you have chosen, the "Buff" in the Buff Laced Polish isnt the same as in Buff Ameraucanas, The "Buff" color in the Polish, as well as Buff Columbian Breeds, is actually Gold, not the real Buff like in Ameraucanas, Orps, Cochins, ect.... And the the White in the Buff Laced polish is Dominant White and the Real Buff color is good at covering most of the Dominant White so you wont get the same effect on a real Buff based bird like you would with the Gold based Buff Laced Polish. You need a golden based bird that is showing black is the only way you are going to be able to see the White becuase Dominant White covers black. ( Buff Laced is Golden Laced with White Covering the Black)

So with the colors you have chosen its not going to work becuase you will eventually just end up with a solid Buff bird again. So to answer your question, No I dont think it would be worth it. Sorry
As RAREROO said.

Another thing - "good quality" Buff Ameraucanas are either extremely rare or non-existent. You have to consider, not many lay blue eggs, so your results will still lay the same egg color the Buff parents laid, then there's the fact that you'll need to have a bearded Polish and still tackle the beard/muffs problem some buff Ameraucanas have, and so on.

The big things here are that you're going to get greenish egg layers and you're working with Buff Ameraucanas - Completely different kind of buff than with Buff Laced Polish.
Thank you for all of your replies. I now see that this will not work out. Finding the birds I need will most likely take years to find... I will try to find some breeds that need "help" and will try to improve them
Creating a new color in a breed should not be taken lightly, it will take lots of knowledge, $s, determination, and time.

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