Buff orbingtons not laying regularly

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    My 2 buff orpingtons donot lay good at all. They are both 30 weeks old and lay an egg a week, if that. I rarley ever see they laying. Is this normal for their breed? I thought that orpingtons laid very well but they are not. Im just worried if they are healthy or is it something Iam doing? I have 13 hens in total, they are very agressive towards each other and pick at one another alot. They are allowed to free range almost every day when they want which is only when I am out there by them and they wont even leave the little area right in front of the coop. and have an indoor laying house and outdoor boxes but prefer to lay on the ground for some reason. They are still young and I was thinking that could be it,but just to be sure I wanted to ask the eggsperts lol
    [​IMG]these are the orpingtons (Mrs.Rodriguez and Laurie)
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    Nov 21, 2015
    My orpingtons are good layers so I'm not sure why yours aren't, unless they are stressed. You said your birds pick at each other a lot and are aggressive towards each other- how much space do they have when they're not free ranging? Are they maybe crowded? How much time do they free range daily? I'm puzzled because you have many of the same breeds I do, and mine very rarely pick at one another or act mean.
  3. Try feeding them this way..Nutrition has a lot to do with behaviour...Boredom also...
    I feed mine this way..No fighting here...Grower crumbles and layer pellets till 1 year old. 50/50 Ratio..Oyster shell and granite grit free choice...Treats at 5%..Meaning a Tablespoon per Bird a day...I only give treats once or twice a week...
    Boredom busters..Lots of roosts, stumps a swing...Pans or pots of dirt...Hide scratch in the dirt...Once the kick it out, put the dirt back in the pan or pot.....

    Best of Luck

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    As they grew they were in a smaller brooder but not all together, some of them are slightly younger and were introduced when they were all older so idk if thats why. Iam trying to find the measuring tape to measure the coop but i will post pics cause i think the husband took tbe tape measure to work. They are allowed to free range all day but they chise nit to leave the area in front of their coop so idk. I handle them alot but when i put one back down after holding they attack their chicken agressive chickens lol its serious tho they pick at each other and now they are moulting so, im going to try to change thier food and give they something to keep them occupied because all i give is ace high laying mash and alot of fresh fruit and veggies and other scraps. Also i give treats every day (BO sunflower seeds and caterpillars from the garden.) Idk why they act the way they do.

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    These are great ideas I am definetly going to try all of them for my agressive birds lol thank you so much

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