Buff Orpington 5 out of 5 roos?


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May 5, 2009
These guys are 8 months old bantam buff orpington from cackle hatchery. We think they're all roos, just want a second opinion.
No one's laying and no one is crowing yet.


This one has the smallest comb

Here's another group picture

I took a video but all I got were their butts lol ...
I don't see any saddle feathers, which by 8 months should be pretty obvious. (It's VERY obvious in my 3 LF cockerals and they are only 17 weeks old)

I think they are girls, bet you get some eggs soon.
Ohh okay thanks !! Lol my mom and I thought for sure they were roos because their combs are so red. We're used to silkies btw ... maybe that's why. Gosh thank you
we were going to trade them for scratch at the feedstore!
Yup, pullets about to lay! Happy pullets with all the gorgeous grass! Very nice and healthy chickens, good job.
I would say pullets too. But there is one that looks like it could be a roo. Never really seen a good pic of it though....the one in the very back of the first pic and the one that walks out of your video. The tail got me to wondering but it might not be anything.
Now see, I have Bantam Buff Orpingtons from Ideal Hatchery and mine have nice big red combs, and they're all roos but one. My Bantam BO hens all had (two passed away this winter) all had small combs that were pink. I have one of the hens left now, and the 3 roos. Here is a picture of one of my roos for reference:


He hatched June 3rd, so he isn't too far off in age from your birds. I knew pretty fast which ones were my roos, and which were my hens. Your birds do look really good though. Oh, and to also say, this is my roo with the largest comb. The other two boys have smaller combs.
Wow look at all those bright red combs! Looks like a bunch of healthy, happy little pullets almost ready to start laying!

Although I don't know if it's just me, but in picture #3, the 4th chicken to the right that is looking back at the camera looks a bit rooster-ish......
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