Buff Orpington chicks and Khaki Campbell ducks in one coop??

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  1. Like everyone says, they are messy. VERY messy. My 19 ducklings that I have right now are in a 6' x 6' brooder. They are a month old and I have already gone through 5 bags of shavings. I don't have a problem with adults being messy, but my barn does have a cement floor that slopes ever so slightly to allow any water to drain down and out of the barn. I personally think it's worth it, considering the qualities of ducks, but I probably wouldn't suggest them to newcomers of the poultry world. The mess can get VERY frustrating if you don't have an ideal setup.
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    You definatly cant brood them together as another poster noted they grow much faster and are very messy. I had a khaki campbell that lost her sister and until I got another duck I kept her with my BR's they did fine but I did n ot have water or food in the coop it was during the summer and they were let out early. Early this winter I tried to put my 2 ducks in with the chickens for awhile til I got a better duck house but the hens terrorized the drake. They didnt mess with the girl but wouldnt leave the boy alone.
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    Definately should not be brooded together. My pekins lived with my chickens all the time. (a fox got them this winter) I had a little pool in the run for them and everyone is free-range most of the time. For winter, I used a smaller feed bucket for water for everyone so the ducks could not climb in it and make a mess. Worked out very well.
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    I'm new at this, and when I got my first batch of chicks almost 3 wks ago, I had my 2 ducks with them. 4 out of my 5 chicks died. I think, bc of the ducks splashing water all over them. I got some more chicks, moved them to their own tub and they have all been fine. Other than Soot, whom I think the other chicks hurt her leg... BUT I have heard of ducks n chicks living together fine. Just not mine. [​IMG]
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    right now i have 7 three week old chicks, 4 1 week old chicks, and 2 week old khaki campbells in the same brooder and they all get along fine. At night the youngest chicks will pile on the ducks to sleep, i guess cause they are warmer or something. Last year we had 3 quineas, 2 ducks, and a bunch of half grown chickens in the same pen, excluding the guineas, they all got along fine.
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    Thank you so much everyone for your feed back!!! We are still debating on whether to get the 2 orpington chicks with our 4 khaki campbells and 1 cayuga that we are already getting.
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    Quote:Thats strange, my chickens hardly notice the ducks aren't chickens
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    Quote:Guineas are interesting birds I must admit, I absoulutly love mine but they can be a little wierd at times [​IMG]
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    Brooder is not good together as ducks are slobs.

    Adult life - our ducks, big chooks and normal guineas live together without any major problems. Sometimes the guineas act like idiots, as they are prone to doing. In the coop/attached run, the duck pond is a sunk in pond with a series of ledges so the chickens can get out if they get in. Also, the pond is fenced with a low fence - ducks just hop right over, the big chickens who are sane and normal don't bother (what's fun on that side, nothing), the barred rocks hop over some, realize it's the evil water and run out, and the chicks can't get over the fence really well usually until they are big enough to be able to get back out of the water also. I figure they COULD get over earlier, but none of them have ever tried.

    However, given as DH brought home MORE ducks, I think he's going to be building a new duck coop for the ducks to have their own home.

    The jumbo guineas live with the peafowl to everyone's joy and delight. They were with the chooks and just being weirdos, one night they went to the peas roosts and we found all of them all cuddled up together. Ok, if you insist. I think the peahens think the jumbos are their children.

  10. We must have had the same idea, I have a Buff Orpington Drake and 2 Khaki Campbell girls, am now waiting patiently for the eggs to hatch, I will let you know how they turn out[​IMG]
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