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Aug 20, 2010
Just to assist those unsure of what an Orpington should look like. Here is a painting by Schilling of the breed. It has been altered here to be B&W and most of the background taken out to highlight the shape and build. Note the deep rounded chest.

I had a flock of birds that originated from a breeder and they were great layers (local wildlife decided they needed dinner). All this mess about show birds not being good layers isn't always true. In maintaining a breed that is supposed to be good layers, decent breeders take this into account with their programs. Same with temperament.


Also my avatar is my original trio from that breeder.

Schilling is probably the best poultry artist out there and has been contracted to paint many breed ideal birds for the APA.

PS - you can view/buy prints of his work by searching Watt Media prints on google.
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