Buff Orpington hen brooding

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7 Years
Jan 2, 2013

My buff Orpington is brooding, this is my first broody hen and my first experience with a broody hen. She's been sitting on 1 egg for 14 days now. She has only layed one egg and no more, is that normal? And as this is my first experience could you please give an insight to what I should or shouldn't do, and a bit information about what happens when the egg hatches. Like, do I move it just before it starts hatching and put it in a separate box or leave it under my hen, and also what to do with the chick after its born. Does it prefer to stay with its mother, or can I move it because I have 2 hens and a rooster all staying in one coop.
Thank you in advance

Buff Orpington occasionally comes out the coop, for food and water and also a mud bath. Then goes back inside the coop till the next morning. That's my red Rhode Island with her and my rooster . If anyone knows what breed my rooster is, please let me know. I got him when he was a baby and i can't remember what breed he is..! lol thanks :)
Let the egg stay with the hen she knows what to do. Leaving the mother raise the chick is easiest. Letting the mother and chick stay with the flock is the easy way to integrate the chick into the flock. When I let a broody hatch, that is what I do.
i do the same let my hen hatch the egg and raise the chick and my broody hen doesn't like no one she will attack me my dogs my cats other hens but she wont attack the roosters well not the two boss roosters / the biggest ones .. so mine is very protective of her babies ... i have a rooster that is really good with the chicks if their with the hen and he go and get treats for the babies and stay with the babies and the momma its cute and having a broody hen with a chick is so cute to watch them run around and play find treats and stuff and it is better doing it this way because she will teach the chick everything that it needs to know
My hen has been really good and calm ever since shes brooding, but she does make a growling sound when i touch her egg. and my rooster is very protective over her too. Thank you :)
I have a Buff Orpington hen that has been brooding for over a week now. Her eggs are NOT fertilized as I do not own a rooster. I remove the egg out from under her if there is one there. I have locked her out of the coop for an hour or so hoping that she'll snap out of her determination to have chicks even though she can't. As soon as I let her back in she's right back into the nesting box. Meanwhile, her sister, isn't laying any eggs while she's in this mood. What's up with that?
I forced my hen out of broodiness by removing the egg. I also picked her up twice a day and made her go out to eat and drink. Strange behavior. It's like she's hypnotized when she's brooding. I try to knock that trance out of her. Gently of course. Within a week she will stop brooding
My hen is brooding as well so I came here and i saw someone post that you should buy fertilized eggs for her to hatch.Is this true?If it is I will be glad I bought those eggs.Please send a reply on whatmore to do thanks.
My Black Australorp has been sitting in the nesting for 2 days. When a shoo her out she will go to eat but then right back in. We have no rooster, just 2 hens. Is this brooding? She started laying about 6 weeks ago and has laid an egg everyday since. What do I do?
My other hen, an Buff Orpington is not laying either since this started. Help!

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