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    Jan 27, 2015
    Please help!

    My Buff Orpington hen (Sunny) has started acting strangely in the past few days. She was fine one day, and the next day, I came into the coop and she was just sitting on the floor (she usually never does that) and kept twitching her neck to the right side. When some of the other hens came in and one pecked her, she fell and started to flail around while shaking her head. Her comb and wattles are red and she seems fine on the outside. But once she starts to spasm, suddenly she will just get up and begin to behave normally until the next spasm. She can walk fine and she tries to eat, but with her head turned. I keep trying to get her to drink too. I don't know if she caught her neck in the chicken wire fence or if something else happened. Her eyes are bright and her feet show no signs of disease, but her poop is kind of strange looking, it is white and green. She is old, being around 5-6 years. Please help!
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