Buff Orpington pullets do not want to go in to the coupe at dusk

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    I have 23 pullets and I built the coupe elevated off the ground about 24 inches. Two nights ago I put them in the new coupe and run after dark so I loaded them directly in to the coupe and closed the door. The next morning I left them out, at first I think they did not know what to do. So it was slow for them to come out and walk down the ramp. I went out at dusk to close the coupe and they were laying down under the coupe. It was funny as I fished them out with a broom carefully so I would not hurt them. I put them in the coupe for the night. Before I let them out this morning I blocked off the space under the coupe. I let them out this morning and they walked down the ramp, some flew right off the ramp. I put their food container in the coupe, thinking they would figure it out. When I got home I watched them going in and out the coupe so they could eat. Tonight when I went out to close them up for the night, they were trying to huddle against the board I used to block off the space under the coupe. So I picked them up and put them in the coupe. How do you get them to walk in to the coupe on their own?
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    Lock them inside for several days.

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