Buff Orpington sexing


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Dec 21, 2020
Hello! A few months ago I bought my first chickens. I bought a 8 week old buff Orpington pullet and a 7 week Plymouth Rock Pullet from a breeder. We are learning and are inexperienced.
"Buffy" is now around 18 weeks we are starting to think she may infact be a cockerel due to her tail being curly? However they have also been malting a bit as we come into summer here in Australia so wasn't sure if it was just a bit mangey.
She makes loud calls in the morning before we let her out when she knows we are outside but then stops.
We hope she is a pullet as local gov laws prohibit roos in our area in suburbia and we are quite attached to her.
Is she Buffy or BUFFy?


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