buff orpington


7 Years
Nov 5, 2012
hi just wondering if any one can help we have 3 one day old chicks 2 of them are very quiet where as about half an hour ago the other one started chirping and wont be quiet is this normal?
Do they have enough heat? Temperatures should be 90 in the brooder the first week. Make sure they have room to get away from the lamp if they are too hot. The only reason I've seen chicks chirp incessantly at this age is because they are cold or can't find their hatch mates.
they are all sat together apart from the noisy one who keeps racing up and down the brooder the temp is 95
yes there is room for them to get out of the heat the brooder is a maino mini happy chick brooder heat box with the lamp up one end with the other 2 chicks sat under it either sides
they have been in a couple of hours they all seemed pretty content up untill about 45 mins ago they had some food (hard boiled egg) and a bit of water

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