Buff Orpingtons or something else?

Discussion in 'What Breed Or Gender is This?' started by MOChickenMama, Mar 28, 2016.

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    Mar 28, 2016
    Hi all! I'm brand new to posting here but have been reading & researching here for the past month or so. We just bought our first 6 chicks and have been busy trying to keep them alive & happy for the last few weeks. [​IMG] I am completely stumped right now though and could use some help. These are SUPPOSED to be almost 3 week old Buff Orpington pullets. However, something is definitely different here. Given that I'm a first time chicken mama and don't have the slightest clue what I'm doing, I'm hoping some more experience chicken people can help me out. Are these simply different breeds and/or do I seem to have a few males thrown into the mix here? The first pic is what 4 of the chicks look like. They all have the same coloring with varying degrees of feathering coming in and all seem to behave the same. Pretty docile & friendly, some are a little more skittish than others but all are pretty friendly. The second pic is the other two chicks who have clearly different colored feathers, they are a bit bigger than the others, seem to be a little more aggressive with the other chicks (lots of chest bumping going on with these two), they are curious about everything and stand with their heads cocked to one side like they're listening for every little sound. They are also hands down, the friendliest chicks with people. All the chicks rush over when we put our hand down in the brooder, jump on and want to come out and be held. The lighter colored ones usually want to return to the brooder fairly quickly though but these two will sit and hang out with me on my lap, chest arm or shoulder for long periods of time making no attempts to leave my side. Thoughts?


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    The second two are not Buff Orpingtons, I think they maybe Production Reds but I'm not sure [​IMG], also they have pretty big combs for such a young age that I think they are also cockerels.
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    [​IMG] I agree with Chicken Girl1.
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    me too
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    I agree with what everyone else is saying. Good luck!
  6. henny1129

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    Oh and I forgot: They are adorable!

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