Buff Orpington's with their pet cat....

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  1. It starts with Madeline (my baby) helping our Henny Penny's with their dust bath. See how gently she sprinkles dirt on top of each one of her Henny Penny girls? Caspian, our Henny Penny's pet cat was watching with great interest...

    See Caspian intently watching? She didn't notice that I was taking pictures. She was all eye's on her chicken owners.

    Paying close attention as they wallow, flail, kick dust onto each other and even kick each other in the face every once in a while.

    Well, Dixie and Daisy had finished their dust bath....

    And were preening their pretty golden feathers...

    So as to be "pretty as a show girl"...(not really show girls, but I let them believe they are).

    Now Jasmine wasn't quite ready for the preening. She was really enjoying the soft dirt that I had actually raked and hoe'd for them 2 days prior...

    She was rolling, flipping dirt here and there, and softly bawlk, bawlking to her pet cat Caspian...

    Then suddenly, their pet cat Caspian attempted her first dust bath. Yes, Caspian is a "she" and she would never forgive me if I didn't explain that the vet told us she was a he when we first got her, and we didn't find out until a year later that our VERY pregnant boy was actually a girl! Soooo....that's why she's named Caspian (after Prince Caspian from The Chronicals of Narnia). Anywho.........getting back to the story at hand, Notice Jasmine eyeing her technique??

    Just as Caspian was really getting into it, she noticed I had the camera and was taking pictures....

    If you even THINK about putting that picture on your "chicken" website....I'll n.e.v.e.r. forgive you!

    Then later that evening, I tried to get a picture of her while she was in the run with her chicken owners (excuse our coop. It's still a work in progress but definitely getting there!). When she saw me coming with the camera, she quickly jumped out and acted all innocent like she'd never been in there with them.
    Once again....not happy with me.
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    Too cute. [​IMG]
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    Franklin, NC
    Great pictures! [​IMG]
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    Nov 2, 2010
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    lol nice.
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    I love the way Caspian's facial features are nothing but eye slits!
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    You have some interesting animals! Swimming, cat-owning Buff Orpingtons [​IMG] lol
  7. Quote:Thanks Pam. [​IMG]

  8. Quote:[​IMG] Thank you.
  9. Quote:Thanks John [​IMG].
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    Your trio is the most photogenic bunch of pullets I've ever seen. But that's now. We want to see them in full trainwreck molt next year. (Just so's they don't get fat heads from being an internet sensation.)

    Love the cat. But wouldn't Aslan have been a more appropriate name for a cat? Really Honey, you have to think these things through...

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