buff Sussex...... I'm not convinced........ what are we?


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Jul 28, 2016
sevenoaks, england


These two troublemakers were bought as day old chicks and are known as the fluffies as they were so fat and fluffy as chicks (original i know haha) i was told they were buff sussex. They kind of look like RIR to me but now im not so sure as they both have white on thrm, one more so than the other........... I love them to bits but id live to know what breed the are as i definatly dont think theyre buff sussex. Any thoughts??? Thanks in advance :) x
Thanks for everyones input, i presume you mean the 1st one is the speckled sussex. .. Do they normally have such a white breast? This is what was confusing me about her

Its not a great picture but these are all proper feathers now on her chest and theyre pure white
Yes, Speckled Sussex commonly have a lot white on the chest as chicks and juveniles. They'll molt it out later.
O i didnt know that about speckled sussex. Thankyou.
They came from quite a reliable breeder who keeps everything seperate, there is always a possibility of an accident somewhere but it doesnt seem likely as he had a very organised set up. If there has been an accident, what mix would you think they are?
Mixes are nearly impossible to determine. What other breeds did he have? Any other breeds that are speckled or mottled? Or any other red breeds? Breeding a speckled breed to a solid color almost always cancels out the speckling. And red is almost always covered by another color as well. Not 100% of the time mind you, but in general. Sounds like you've most likely got a purebred to me.

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