Buff vs Red Silkies?

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9 Years
May 11, 2010
Borger, TX
I keep looking at pictures of both but can hardly notice a difference. Maybe if I actually had 2 of them side by side in person I could see it. Could someone enlighten me?

So far it seems to be the reds are a bit darker/richer than the buffs. Is that correct?

Anyone know about the genetics on the reds and buffs and the difference?

Thanks everyone!

Roo in the back is red, hen in the front is buff.

The color difference should be something like what you see in a RIR vs a buff orp. But like production reds, many pet type silkies can be somewhere in between.
There are reds and then there are ginger reds which look like reds but will have black tails and not as red. An occasional ginger red chick will crop up among my normal buffs.
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