Buffalo gnats


8 Years
Mar 27, 2011
Well, I am a new subscriber and this is my first post. Unfortunately it is snot a post I wanted to make. Be aware everyone that if you live in the midwest where Buffalo Gnats are a problem to protect your checkens as best as you can. I went out yesterday morning to feed mine and found 2 of them dead. I attributed it to the storm we had the night before. When I opened the sliding door to let them outside into their run, they didn't come out which ws the first sign I knew something was wrong. I went in and found them all huddling in the corner and 2 dead in the other corner. I tried to shoo them all outside but they came running back in. I had to go to work but upon returning home, I checked them again and found 4 more dead. I was dumbfoundded as to what was going on. When I went inside to get a few calls returned for work and came back out, just in 30 minutes time, 3 more were dead. Thats when I looked closer and saw that their heads were covered with gnats and they were actually drawing blood. I did some reading and found that the female gnat has to have a blood meal in order to lay her eggs. In the time I researched this and went back out, 4 more were dead and only had one left. I have her in the barn right now away from the gnats so she just may be my lone survivor! So much for looking forward to those farm fresh eggs. I didn't have a single mortality rate from the time they were day old but to lose them all in a matter of hours to gnats is so frustrating! What a hard way to learn a lesson!

I'm so sorry you and your chickens have to deal with these horrible bugs! A lot of people have posted on here about losing chickens to buffalo gnats, it's so sad! We have them here in NH also but haven't yet heard of anyone losing chickens here yet.

Best wishes,

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