Bugs in Chick Starter?


8 Years
May 20, 2011
Southern Utah
I know chicks love bugs anyway, but I think the medicated starter I bought at IFA had a ton of teeny bugs in it hatching. I threw the whole 25lb bag in the freezer to kill them all, but - is that normal? I would think feed would be fairly pest free. But maybe I'm wrong.
Feed should be bug free. Not just fairly bug free, completely bug free. I would return it and get fresh. Maybe change feed stores. Open and check the bag before you leave.

The 3 big problems with infested feed are:

The bugs are eating the feed, reducing the nutritional content.

The feed is probably old.

The bugs are pooping in the feed.

Any one is a good reason to not feed it to your chicks.

Good luck,
Sounds like millgrain beetles...need to make sure they aren't in house or feed bin. I would return the feed to the store, get new bag. I don't think it would hurt them to eat the feed but they are creepy.
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