Bugs in the coop

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  1. So I was out watching my chickens, getting ready to lock them in the coop for the night, and then I see these little black bugs crawling on the floor,[​IMG] not of the whole coop just where the light is!

    They look like ticks, and I was worried so I did my best to search the chickens all over there body for those bugs (they didnt like it, but I felt safer checking them lol), and by what I saw there was nothing on them!

    So I was wondering should I worry about these bugs or not? How can I get rid of them if I should worry about them!?!?!?

    Thanks again,
  2. Sahara

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    Apr 22, 2008
    Keystone Heights, FL
    I recently had somewhat the same type of thing but noticed little bugs on my white rooster, almost like gnats. So everybody got a Sevin dust bath. I also sprinkled it on the floor. That was over a week ago and no more bugs.

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