Buh-dup! (Hello in chicken language, revealed in How to Speak Chicken by Melissa Caughey)


Jun 13, 2022
Buh-dup, fellow chicken people! My username is Fwoof, named after my sweet gray Silkie who died of old age last month. I have a flock of nine ladies, a gentleman, and four youngsters! Let me introduce them...

Stormy~My favorite, a Silver Laced Sebright bantam who loves to walk into the house and beg for oats!
Henrietta~Stormy's best friend, a Buff Orpington who Stormy imprinted on. Dispite that they were the same age, she let Stormy sleep under her wing at night because she was as big as a mother hen to Stormy.
Lobo~As a chick she had a deformity, a twisted leg, but due to some miracle it twisted back around as good as new overtime :eek:! Now, she's a stunningly beautiful Black Marans who roos instantly fall for.
Cheesey Poof~A sweet and food driven New Hampshire Red.
Coco Puff~A skittish and smart Partridge Plymouth Rock
Hertie~A fluffy black Silkie bantam who likes to be away from the rest of the flock, having her "Hertie Time".
Joleen~The bully of the flock, a barred Plymouth Rock who only stops pecking on others when given a special treat.
Cammi~Joleen's identical sister, who is terrified of Hertie the Silkie bantam, who goes to war with poor Cammi.
Winter~An overly dramatic white Dutch bantam who loves to take dust baths and turn gray! 😁
Rascal~The flock's roo, a Silver Duckwing old English Game Bantam (what a mouthful!) who is always there for his ladies. He also, surprisingly, being a rooster... loves to cuddle. 🥰
And the four unnamed babies~The two big siblings, and the little twins don't have names (or specified genders) yet, but they are hilarious, adorable, and love crushed mealworms.

Sorry if i was too specific, but that's my flock. I'm here to recieve informartion about chickens from more experienced chicken folk as well as share my own chicken facts/tips.
Have a good day!

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