Build a better perch - your thoughts?

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    Build a better perch - your thoughts?

    I would like to build my girls a new perch. In the past I have used a recycled closet rod and a natural tree branch. The tree branch has worked the best for me so far. Do you think I should use another branch, or try some other material? I only have four girls, so this is a small project, but it will mean a lot to them.

    I have seen pvc used, but this seems a bit slippery.
    I have read that rounded 2x4 work, do they sit on the 4 side or the 2?

    What materials have you used successfully in your roosts?
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    Jul 5, 2009
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    I had the boards across, and they sat on there but noticed they kept moving on/off as in maybe there feet hurt??? so I went around our yard, we live on 4 acres and got different size branches....then over there coop inside, but infront of there ventilation area....I put the roost, of course they werent long enough on most, but I hung them from above, and then to brace them together I tied them they could go from one to another. And then I braced them to the coop with rope again.

    THEY LOVE IT!!! and now they dont/wont use the roost ladder or the other roost.

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    I use 2x4 with the 4" side for them to roost on... However only about 5-8 use the actual roost, the rest ( I have 18 total) get onto the trusses and prefur the 2". Don't know if it's because it's higher or if they really like the 2" compaired to the 4".
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    I use 2x4x8 with the 4 side up. I have two of these for them to roost on and they will all squeeze onto the top one. I have 13 chickens and 1 large roo.
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    I have read on here that they prefer something at least as wide as the wide side of a 2x4. It also helps them keep their feet warm in winter; prevents frostbitten toes. I've also read of people saying their chickens seemed to rest better after switching to a wide roost board.
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    In California I am not sure it matters a lot which side of the 2x4 you use. Mine seem to like 5-6" diameter dead tree branches as much as the wide side of a 2x4. You could try several different materials and see where they like it best, why not if it's a project [​IMG]

    Good luck, have fun,

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    Sep 25, 2007
    I use 2x4's, and they use the 4" side to roost on. In the colder weather, they can snuggle down over the top of their feet to keep them warm. I think anything wide works, though!
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    A have 15 large breeds so I wanted something that would not slump over a 7-8' span so I used landscaping timbers. Nice smooth edges and as wide as the 2 x 4's everyone uses. Home depot has them on sale for $1.98 ea. right now in WV.

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    My DH and I just went into the woods and found some really great young trees that had fallen in an Ice storm a few years ago! Works well... we made sure they were large enough so this winter the chickens will be able to cover their feet!
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    Quote:Good idea!

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