Build an Egg Turner for your Lyon / Marsh Turner X incubator

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    Recently i picked up a Lyon Turner X incubator. It was missing the water bottle and screen, but it worked and those parts can be purchased from Lyon Electronics. The other item that was missing was the turner motor. I thought this would be available too, but when i saw that the price was over $200 - that was way out of my price range considering that got the incubator for under $10. I was planning on building my own cabinet incubator, so i had some parts and pieces laying around...

    One of my donor things was a rotiserie cooker. I was planning on using the heat element as the heat source in my icubator and the motor to turn the eggs, but the motor should work OK for a turning attachment to the Lyon incubator. This isn't all the way complete yet, but getting close.

    The motor is a 3 RPM motor. I still have to figure out the time duration to get a 180 degree rotation on the egg, but first i wanted to see if i could get the thing to move as i expected.

    I made the frame that the motor was mounted to out of plexiglass. Its easy to work with and cut and bend into whatever form desired. Use a butane torch to heat the plexiglass up and you can bend it into whatever shape you want.

    The arm and shaft were remnants from the rotiserie cooker - modified with some cutting and drilling.



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