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    Mar 21, 2010
    Well I have had many chickens in the four years since I have first gotten my first
    batch of chickens. What I would like to remind everyone- especially some of you
    that our new to the "chicken" thing is that when you are building it make sure
    you are using small gaged wire- it is more expensive than regular chicken wire but
    anyone will tell you it is worth doing so in the beginning because you will end up
    having to change it later probably. If you cant afford to fence in the whole coop
    this way at least apply to it the bottom half of the coop. You make think there is no
    way that any raccoon or coyote or wolf, hawk etch will get in. After four years
    of having chickens my opinion has changed. Any little hole no matter how high will
    probably be breached by some animal sooner or later. I have seen fox jump up
    to five feet high and get in by some small little opening you would think would
    not be breachable. I also recommend applying the fencing to hang down at least 6 inches or more on the bottom. This will help prevent animals from digging under your fence line. That is one thing I am glad I have done. If you are making a run make sure you cover the top completely. Using chicken wire will not protect your animals. If an animal is determined enough they can chew through it!!! It amazes me still how year after year when an animal is determined to eat they will find away in!!! When you are building your coop make sure you spend some time constructing it as safely as possible. The most devasting part of owing chickens is coming out in the morning to find one or more of
    your chickens ripped apart or missing because of something you could have
    prevented! Everyone that has chickens will tell you that when building your
    coop it is not cheap if you are doing it right! If you are thinking of owning
    chickens please seriously consider this- they are lots of fun to own and it is
    nice to have your own eggs but it does cost some money up front. Just thought
    I would pass this along because I recently lost another chicken because of a small
    4 inch gap on the corner of the run that was not completely enclosed. This little
    gap had been that way for awhile now and I never had a problem. But like I said
    sooner or later they will find away in. Do it in the beginning and you will
    be happy you did. Best of Luck with your chickens!!
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  2. ChicKat

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    Sorry that you lost one of your flock. Do you know what came in the 4" hole?
  3. cknkids

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    Jun 27, 2012
    Camarillo, CA
    I'm also sorry for you loss. It's may biggest fear. Could you post a pic of the hole it can make it so much clearer for those of us that are new to chickens.

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