Build-It-Yourself 5 Egg Turner Incubator


11 Years
Jul 6, 2009
South Carolina
80 Detailed pictures and detailed instructions written in pdf format and saved on CD that can be viewed and printed from your computer using Acrobat Reader!

Instructions will guide you thru building your own Do It Yourself Incubator/Hatcher.

Very detailed materials list, including where they can be located and approximate cost.

5 trays allow you to eliminate all those Styrofoam incubators that you have sitting all around your house.

Standard automatic egg turners fit right in.

Written by a carpenter with over 20 years experience.

This unit can be built for around $100.-$150 depending on how frugel you are, I have built them for less than $100.

That doess not include egg turners.

Questions welcome - before and AFTER your purchase.

I will be available thru email with any questions that you may have during your building process.
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