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    i know there has been many discussions on building a run and hardwire cloth and such. I have gone through so many threads and have learned a lot, so thank you all. I do have a question though. I live in the suburbs of Los Angeles. My chicken run/area is in the back of our yard. A wood fence separates us for our neighbors property on both sides. So pretty much I just need to build a fence and gate on one side. Should I bury hardwire cloth against the fences? Neither of my neighbors have animals. Thanks for you time.
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    First of all, to clarify terms:
    -a run is a mobile coup, one might move it once a week or something
    It sounds like you are building a coup that is stationary. Since it is permanently in one spot, I would bury it. I don't think you have to bury it too deep though, but I'm not an expert with that. Personally, I have runs and I don't worry about animals digging in much because I've never had an issue with it and I move my runs periodically so a predator couldn't keep coming back or something as easily.

    Hope that helps!
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