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  1. ohhhh this chicken coop stuff is so much fun!!!! I enjoy each and every one. My eyes hurt. hahah.

    ok, so for anyone that has too much time on their hands or just can't stop dreaming of coops, or think they'd do something differently on their NEXT coop ;-) here's what i have...

    9ft x 3ft chicken wired(inside 10x20 shed)
    3 ft wide door
    have 1x6 treated for bottom sides of coop for deep litter - possibly something else? more height? and use as predator preventive?
    6 ft high no top yet
    2 storys possible
    chyicken door to be on 3ft side (should i make 2 doors to outside? - one from second level?

    Thinking I should make a box on one end to hold nesting boxes and roosts and added coziness? or does that defeat open air idea ...and my shed is not insulated - yet.
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    FYI -- I saw a guy on Craig's list today who is building what appear to be good quality small coops/tractors -- copies of whatever designs people ask for. And he also sells started birds -- fully feathered 6 week-olds. White leghorn, RIR, Buff Orp, Wyandotte, Polish, turkeys and guineas for about $10 each. I did not see a minimum number for orders. Interesting and different site. iN Long Island, NY, and ships.


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    can you provide a picture for us, it make it easier to understand.

    I agree with you 1000% chicken are so fun [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

  4. thanks jenniejayn! cool site.

    says that they DO NOT ship tho...bummer. and they are out of chicks till the next batch - 6 wks.
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    I wouldn't bother with a second story, what's the point? Less chance of a hen getting hurt trying to jump/flutter to the ground level.

    My concern would be protection from rats, and mink/weasels. Hardware cloth would be better than chicken wire. If the shed itself is well secured, a cover over the area may not be needed.

    The perimeter base boards could be a bit higher, as your floor litter should probably be a minimum of 4 inches. it will save a lot of it getting kicked out. Again hardware cloth will help stop that a bit, as the holes are small enough from pine shavings to easily pass through, although once it gets ground up...

    (I am imagining, from your description, you have a 3'X9' area sectioned off for the birds inside this large shed? Or do they have complete run of the shed??) Roosts and nest boxes in a 3'X9' area will take up space, (3' is rather narrow) but the birds will enjoy both.

    It would be expensive to insualte the entire shed, so if the birds are confined to this smaller area, a heat lamp would help on those sub-zero days, focused on their coop area. Lots of dry, deep litter will help as well, from cold from the floor.
  6. bills:

    good thinking - thanks. this is what i need.

    keep in mind i am only thinking of 3 hens. well, i'm thinking of 30 but that will never happen here..hahah. so this will be their coop and then i'll have a run outside. sound any better? also, all of this was supposed to be temporary until i get something else. hopefully

    "honey, can we move the lawn tractor out of its shed to under the patio? for the chickens...."
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  7. Reconsider the chicken wire- I think you'll be happier with 1/2" hardware cloth. Protects against predators than can reach through chicken wire....[​IMG]

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