Build or Buy a Pre-Fab Coop?


May 11, 2015
My chicks are just a week old so I have some time to figure out the coop situation but I have been wondering…. Do I build one or are there GOOD, sturdy assemble yourself ones I can buy? The reviews seem mixed on the pre-fab coops. We live in Ohio so the winters are a good 4-6 months of cold weather. I want them to be safe and warm. Also we are in a country setting and I worry about the pre-fab coops allowing predators in due to poor construction. I have been going back and forth on this for a month and can't seem to make a decision. I don't want to wait much longer!

I could really use some solid advice from those that have been there and done it!

I had the same dilemma as you and I found an old pickup camper cheap that I gutted and made into a coop. It has security, ventilation, windows, and works quite nicely.
I have seen others use old travel trailers too that work nicely too.

Good luck with whatever you do
I have four chicks and I would like to stay in the $1000-$1500 range. I was thinking it might be easier to buy a shed (Home Depot style) to use to convert into a coop with the other $500…. Thoughts? An old camper won't work where I live I don't think, but I like the idea of taking an existing structure to convert….
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