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May 18, 2017
Dutchess County NY
Ok so I have my coop and the preliminary run set up. Not at all what I thought I was going to do by converting an empty stall in the barn and putting a run in adjacent to barn. It was going to be bothersome to me due to moving the loader out the back door all the time.

This is current set up, located just 20 feet or so out my kitchen door. The out building will provide a large wind break as well as shade. Two large maple trees in the yard and lots of shrubs etc. This part of the yard also has snow fence for the puppy so it keep the chickens from getting to close to the road when they range.

20170527_183522_resized.jpg 20170527_183557.jpg

I want to build a better and larger run thinking about the colder months.

I thought of concrete blocks with pressure treated wood on top with hardware cloth and poultry fence. I'd like to fence in from the right hand corner of the building out a few feet pass the current run, over to the left and back to the other side of the building. This covers a substantial amount of yard. I can provide accurate measurements later. But I'd hazard it's about 12 x 25. I want to have a roof (corrugated plastic or metal) over much of it. The current run is completed roofed over. And I'd like to be able to add OSB or something to block snow and rain for the winter in a section around the coop at least. Regular metal fence would cover the rest of the top.

I would relocate the sidewalk to no where (the outhouse was out there back in the day I am sure.) and use them for a new front walk.

Is this over and above? I have 6 layers, don't plan on ever having more than 10. But the girls have scratched up their run pretty badly already. And the land to the left of the current run is nice and flat with no rain run off.


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May 30, 2017
West Texas
I keep nine hens in a run that size currently, with plans to add five more girls and a rooster when they get a little older. If you go by the ten sqft per bird rule, which I use somewhat loosely tending to allow for a lot more space, we could put as many as thirty birds in there, but that seems a little crowded to me. I think if you're okay with putting in the labor and the materials are in budget, go ahead and make it that big. I don't think you'll ever find that you've made it too large, but you could find that you regret it's too small if you were to downsize. Chicken math being what it is...

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